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2 Years ago Mar 20 Sun 2022 at 05:47 PM

AMS is a new software package. It performs three dimensional structural analysis, modeling and design of structures. It is based on the finite element method (FEM), in terms of carrying out static, dynamic and seismic analysis. The program has a graphical environment (plan view, elevation view, and 3D view). BIM technology is supported within the program. It can handle (IFC and DXF) files. It contains many drawing utilities (grid system, object snap tools, elements extrusion and duplication tools, graphical elements drawing tools). The program allows defining various sections of frame and surface elements. In addition to the definition of construction materials (concrete and steel) and their linear and non-linear properties.

At the present stage, the analysis and design is limited to only the frame (beams, columns) reinforced concrete elements of rectangular section. The surface elements (slabs, walls) can be drawn within the model but they are ignored in analysis and their work is limited to transfer loads only. The program performs elastic static analysis. And elastic dynamic analysis (mode superposition method, response spectrum seismic loading method). It also provides a schematic representation of the capacity curve (force-displacement) of the structure using static elastic-plastic analysis.

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